Systematic Fulfillment Service

Systematic Fulfillment Service

It will be great if a logistics company can offer a Fulfillment Service. Fulfillment service is the process of preparing and delivering a customer’s order. This could involve warehouse pickup, labeling, packaging, and delivering the order to the customer.

There are 5 steps in our fulfillment service.

Step 1 – Receiving
The first step is to receive and store inventory for customer’s products.

Step 2 – Processing
Arranging the location as per Warehouse Management System

Step 3 – Picking
Picking the products systematically from the place of receipt

Step 4 – Packing
Packing the appropriate packaging for different types of products

Step 5 – Delivering
Delivery of packaged goods to the customers with various options

Our UMG Logistics is providing this kind of complete Fulfillment Service to our clients and our partners.