Excellent Warehousing service

Excellent Warehousing service

Warehousing Service is one of the fundamentals of the logistics business that allows clients to store their import/export goods securely.

The good news is that we, UMG Logistics, are now providing a systematic warehousing service to fulfill the needs of our clients in importing/exporting depending on how much space our clients need and how long they need to keep their products.

We are running our warehousing standard service with three main processes such as

(1) Receiving & Allocation Process
(Acceptance of goods with detailed information & Offering enough spaces for goods/items)

(2) Picking & Packaging Process
(Picking from the products location & Packing the appropriate packaging for different types of products/items)

(3) Systematic Stock Controlling Process
(Checking & Controlling the Stock In/Out balance daily in systematically)

Many Companies have to allocate for their resources, cost and other effort which are not their core competencies. Losses, Damaged Goods, Discrepancy in numbers are some problems of handling goods in Warehouse Management. Don’t worry. For these kinds of problems, we have a solution for you which UMG Logistics are providing complete logistics services to our clients with our own high-standard warehouse.

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